Maps and Games Workshop in Dresden (Germany) – August 25th 2013

For those with an interest in both maps and games there is a pre-conference workshop and 'playground gaming session' before the International Cartography Conference in Dresden, in August. It is put together by the Maps and Society and Art and Cartography Commissions of the International Cartographic Association.

Abstracts (250 words) should be emailed to by 30th April 2013.

Suggested themes include:

  • The design of maps as game boards
  • The links between mapping and different game genres
  • Historicizing the changing relationship between games and maps
  • The role of the map interface in structuring game-play
  • The performative nature of  mapping in game play
  • The mapped relations between the world and the game
  • The nature of fantasy and imagination in the construction of mapped games
  • The affect of mapping in games
  • Mobile apps and map game interfaces
  • Map puzzles
  • Mapping and augmented reality games

Further details are available on the Art and Cartography Commission's homepage here.


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